John Seaman

My idea of a selfie…

Photographer (since Spring of 1971) with a wide range of styles,  My photography is not specialized and I am comfortable with most any style or environment. I do have specialized projects though.

Photoshop Wizard (I hate that term) since the Fall of 1997.  I started with Photoshop 4. My Photoshop skills are also not specialized and I am comfortable editing or adjusting just about anything. As a graphic artist I design just about anything as well. Zeds, postcards, business cards, letter heads, ad layouts, handouts, flyers, catalogs, programs, posters, etc. and prepare work for offset printing requirements.

FYI – retired from the telecommunication industry, I can design, build and maintain almost anything with electrons moving through them… I sing and play the guitar and speak Spanish… I even wash my own dishes.